Friday, October 30, 2009

A star is born in the dirt

If one could choose where to be born, the prime location would be the Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge course in Croaker, VA.  Ali Ingram (Vanderkitten) won the women's pro-expert Sunday in the 22nd edition of this race.  This was her first ever expert race--in fact she skipped right over the sport class and has only raced once as a beginner 2 years ago!  She posted a blistering fast time: 1:39 (5 laps).   Read Ali's race report.

Compare that to Sue Haywood's time of 1:34 back in 2001.  To be within 5 minutes of a Haywood time for a first time expert is amazing.  Ali also started competing in road cycling events this year and won the Virginia BAR Cat 4 competition.  Yet to know Ali is to know that she settles for road riding but was born and thrives in the dirt.

My first TMBC was in 1994.  The event has broken into the iconic among long time local riders.  I heard someone say, "If Jimmy Miller is here, there must be something important here."  Bryan Ralston and Marc Winder made appearances for the day.  I can always count on competing against Jean Troutman who whipped my butt this year with a 1:50 against my 1:57 (expert 5 laps).  And Crystal made her comeback out there this year!  She first raced there as a teenager in the early 1990's.  MIA were Beneline Williams and Cousin Ed, but I'm sure they'll be back next year.  We all were christened in one way or another on that course.

(Photo of Ali above by JB.  It's worth saying also that JB was reborn out there this year as he made his comeback photography appearance!)

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JB said...

Yes indeed, born again (for maybe the 3rd or 4th time?)

and it is nice to be (off the) back hehe