Monday, September 07, 2009

To see and be seen

Steph's friend Molly once said that people who don't ride have a hard time understanding what we see up close on a daily basis. I do feel as if I see and find things I would not otherwise experience off the bike.

Just yesterday I found this awesome rock in creeds in Va Beach. >>>>

I found this typo in a Norfolk cemetary >>>>

Sally and I relocated a stray box turtle on the trail at Freedom Park. >>>>

I never get tired of the revolving sunsets over Granby Street Bridge, Norfolk. I am not going to say who that is on the bike because she will kill me if her identity is known. >>>>>

Freebies everywhere >>>>>

Mature corn in James City County blocks the wind very well. Around here, most corn is used for feed, so it browns and dies first before harvested. >>>>>

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