Sunday, July 26, 2009

Locals making news

I took my car to Kirk Moore who, in addition to being prez of EVMA and master trail builder, is a great Honda mechanic. As he worked, Penny Rich and I hung out at the computer where she showed me footage from the Conte's ads that have been running on Versus during Tour de France.

That's Penny at Freedom Park. >>>>>

I have only heard of Marlie, but she's clearly a gamer on the stunts. That's her at Freedom Park.

Other footage for the commercials was shot near the Conte's Arlington shop. Here is a 3 minute montage of the footage they used in various TV commercials.

BC Wilson showed for the Wednesday ride. He is doing a story on Norfolk Cycling Culture and joined us for the developmental ride. He is writing about various types of cyclists (lone rider, activist, group riders) so it ought to be interesting.

A feature he wrote earlier this month about the Norfolk ghost bikes placed for Kevin Bragg and William Holmes captures very well the experience of sharing the road with sometimes irate drivers.


2drunk2shift said...

Good job for the sauce, or my race today?

2drunk2shift said...

Thanks, Liz. Did you just resently try it? WTF?
I raced in WV at Little Beaver State Park. Rain, mud, lots o roots and rocks. I got 1st place in the big boy class. Won by two minutes.