Sunday, June 07, 2009

Facebook Worthy

I agree with Kim Iverson who once said Facebook is evil. As I was preparing to exact revenge on those lovely "friends" who posted pics of me from junior high, I came across a few what-were-we-thinking cycling images.

That is what we thought a cyclocross barrier should look like circa 1995. We put on a cross race in conjunction with a crit despite the fact that none of us had ever even been to or seen a cross race. Ben Turner (pictured) and another guy were the only ones who showed up with a cross bike, the rest had mountain bikes.

Yes, that's a bus, a Search and Rescue bus actually. Inside, rescuers are busy trying to locate Donna, a mountain biker we lost in the woods on a day when 15 degrees was the high. We had a communication breakdown with Donna, resulting in her spending almost 10 hours hunkered down in the chilly woods. SNR found her about 1 o'clock in the morning when temps were close to zero degrees. Winter, 1997.

Lori, Susan and I certainly weren't the picture of cycling fashion this day in Europe (either France or Switzerland). Two of us sleeveless. . . with armwarmers. . . riding with someone covered in a balaklava. No doubt we passed as U.S. travellers that day. 2003 I think.

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