Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Schleep-Dog Pale Ale

There has been a firestorm of bike awareness activism going on the last 4 weeks. Wes wrote a guest editorial, numerous cyclists wrote letters to the editor, Jeff and Bill met with Virginia Beach's Commonwealth attorney about law enforcement and prosecution, Jake and other cyclists in central and northern VA got the governer and mayors involved in bike to work day, people are working on signage and PSA's to raise public awareness about cycling laws--the list keeps growing.

My contribution to cycling equality in VA came in the form of a phone call to the promoters of Devil's Backbone mountain bike race happening near Wintergreen this weekend. The title sponsor, Devil's Backbone Brewery, had offered to name a beer after the first place pro-expert male, with no mention of the female winner's name being used.

I could not let that go--not for my own sake--I am an expert racer, but as Gilmer says, I have Expert technical skills with a Sport engine. So I suck against true experts. But I could not bear the thought of the state that is home to pros Susan Haywood and Deidre Winfield having a race where the beer naming did not include women. Not to mention there are extremely fast women on the expert circuit, including Johanna Krause, Paula Smith and Jannie Belt to name a few.

Perhaps I am not the only one who called because there has been a change. Here is the latest annoucement from the Devil's BB promoter:
The Devils Backbone Brewery, last week, announced an additional prize to 1st place Expert Men to brew a special batch for them. But, after careful thought, the Devils Backbone Brewery management and brewer, have made a slight revision to keep things fair. 1st place Expert Men/Women will now split naming rights for the Beer to be brewed!

Now, I might not win this thing, but of course I considered the sound of my name as a beer. My 10th grade students have given me a nickname this year--SCHLEEP-DOG--perfect for an ale I think. Funny that if Kevin and I won the men-women's categories (both very distant possiblities even he would concede), then SCHLEEP-DOG is actually a combo of our names and would fit the criteria for splitting the naming rights. What do you think, Kevin?

Some of my students say SLEEP-DOG which also would work. SLEEP-DOG Pilsner, perhaps. At right is Emory, my favorite sleeping dog.

**By the way, the menu at Devil's Backbone Brewing Company looks great and the prices are right. It is located at the foot of Wintergreen resort.

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Kevin said...

I agree Liz. That would be a great name for a brew! The DB is a great place with some mighty fine brews and food! I've been there at least 3times.