Saturday, February 28, 2009

When it Rains

I took Pascal's spin class at the YMCA this morning. The Y is terribly fortunate to have this instructor. He is from Belgium and has competed in European mountain bike events, including one that used the same course as 2008 World Cup in Houffalize (aka the Mecca of International mountain biking).

He properly assimulated into Virginia cycling when he did the 2008 Blue Ridge Extreme, the brutal 100 miler that ends at the top of Wintergreen Mountain.

I also have a great deal of confidence in an instructor who rides a fixie to the gym. Plus, he's got a great playlist, including Blue Eyes remix. Pascal's time here is limited, so check out his class soon.

(See my 2005 post about spin instructors.)

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Anonymous said...

Here is the race I enjoy year after year. If you can say you enjoy being on the bike more than 6hours.
125km=78miles 2193m=7237feet elevation the last 3miles the world championship circuit.