Saturday, February 14, 2009

Take two

Wes is back in competition for the bicycle film festival. He submitted last year for the first time and is making another go of it. He got lots of trail shots during the Wednesday night Conte's Norfolk-to-Ipswitch ride. [Wes and Young Zach]

The 2 hour Ipswitch ride took 3.5 hours with all the camera adjustments and mechanicals. It was in the 60's, so very pleasant night out. [Sally, Mike Park, Mike McMahon, Kevin]

We had to pause so Wes could film the the stair jumps at Norfolk State University. Kevin and Jerry were jumping when--

A security officer approached and said simply, "Just make sure you don't leave black marks on the concrete. She doesn't like black marks." Then he left. I am not certain who "she" is (President Carolyn Meyers?) but I sure like the bike friendly attitude.

Personal note: thanks Carol and Paul with help getting my new bike rack installed.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know who "She" is, but "Black Marks" is my half brother, Dwain. --A. Marks