Sunday, January 11, 2009

Teeuwen Winner

Mike Hosang hits the thin bridge at Freedom Park.

I have made several false starts in the past to write about Mike. He is not someone you know or even talk to, Mike is someone you experience. I will work on explaining that in a future post.

He was awarded the annual Peter Teeuwen award today. Each year, Pam Zimmerman and the Teeuwens recognize racers who made significant contributions to local racing. Pam recognized Mike for his Cat 2 and 30+ placings as well as his work in promoting Trashmore Cross/ VA State Cross Championships. (photo by Jimmy D.)

No one wanted to cut into the cool cake at the Teeuwen dinner. This is the original Tidewater Bicycle Association racing jersey that Peter, his juniors and the rest of the team wore. (photo by Jimmy D.)

Jennifer made the cake. Her husband Tim was a junior on Peter's team. Read about it here.


Silly said...

Never seen Mike speechless! Fantastic!!! Well deserved.

Kevin said...

Go Crazy!!!

fire fitness and bikes said...

Awesome cake, was that the one the Shockley's brought (Shockley's Sweet Shop).

Congrats Mike.

Jennifer Shockley said...

Mike's face was priceless! Congrats & you're super awesome :) I pulled an all-nighter on that cake ~ just kidding...I think I'll make a "jersey salad" next year :)

Unknown said...