Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Accessories Storage

Susan has been vacationing in Japan for three weeks. In her absence, I have pulled some dog duty over her house. Sunday I was wandering about, trying to decide what to do since there was no one there to talk to. It occurred to me that I have known Susan for 14 years and have never inspected her medicine cabinet. I opened it and zeroed in on the lip balm.

Wow, 2 things of lip balm on the same shelf, as if that was its place in the house. Imagine, rushing off to a ride and knowing just where to reach for the lip balm.

At my house, I keep my lip balm (mostly) in a kitchen drawer and rarely can I find it. I have probably 6 tubes floating around the house but usually can't put my hands on even one when pushing off for a ride.

I moved on to inspect Susan's sock drawer where I found cycling socks resting comfortably, all paired up and ready to go.

I contemplated the many rummages through my own "sock" drawer as I am trying to get out the door for a ride. . . . scattered, one black, another red, no grounding of the other. . . .tossed, no reflection of self. . . . Tell me these drawers are not the template of a sick mind.

Next up, I opened Susan's kitchen pantry where I found her water bottles. It appeared organized, but every time I reached in there to grab for detergent or a trash bag, I'd hit a water bottle and it would fall out.

I store bottles in the fridge door. Much better method since in cabinets and on shelves the weightless plastic always fall over. No need to fill with water since that lends to plastic absorption in the water as it sits.

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