Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Ties

Bress Pawn in Norfolk has a tandem for sale that is way overpriced. I heard from Josh that Mike had wanted to have a tandem waiting for him and Sally as they left their wedding reception, but Bress wanted too much. Honestly, I think Sally preferred the pedicab! (photo by BJ Samuel)

Friday's rehearsal: Sally's brother Nick and girlfriend Charlotte; Parents Pete and JoAnne; Mike's daughter Sarah; Sally and Mike.

Just last weekend, Nick and Mike completed Ironcross, and Sally completed a 24 hour adventure race with Pete on support crew. Wedding weekends are much easier!

Pete knew he could not get away with this on wedding day, so he wore it to the rehearsal.

In other family news, Meaghann and son Zach both completed Ironcross last weekend. Zach, 14, is the youngest to ever complete the race. He has raced for 2 years, and Meaghan says that he has been drawn to the bike since he was a toddler. He read Lance's "Not About the Bike" book in 4th grade and hasn't turned back since.

Meaghann is a long-time runner who competed in high school. She broke both feet during a very chilly New York cross country meet, and the timing of the injury kept her from collegiate running. So instead, she rode tandem across the United States when she was 18, then put the bike away for a spell. She then competed in recreational running for the next 2o years. She recently got back onto the bike and finished the difficult Ironcross with Zach cheering her into the finish.

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