Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home ride

(left, Tim on the home ride)

There is no place like the home group ride. Here's Tim on the ECB Monday night ride. We enjoyed a beautiful night with no wind and perfect temps. What else is there to say--it's nice to be back!

I had not been out of the area to work for an extended period since I was 20. I sure appreciate those among us like Tim who deploy on a regular basis. I served in the Army Reserves during peace time, so the longest I missed out on group rides was what amounted to 2 weeks of summer camp for several years.

Andy is gone from the area more than he is around. I know he loves being on the rides and races (though he is admirably a man of few words) and I wish him and the rest of his SEAL detachment a speedy and safe return home. (photo source: Bob and BJ.)

. . . the homefront.

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2drunk2shift said...

Liz, I have no idea where you were, or why, but welcome back. The sunday evening rides are going on. 6p.m. at Pacifica, corner of 40th and Pacific. You can park at the restaurant. The ride is a little more about a casual 25 miler and then beer after than the way it use to be in Norfolk. Hope to see ya there. Harlan and Paul are suppose to be there today(Paul leaves tomorrow).