Monday, July 21, 2008

High Bike Art

Ahh, the (bike) arts in Chicago! On the Wednesday Night 35-mile rampage with Chicago Cycling Club, I hang onto this guy's wheel. His skeleton tattoo gives me inspiration to persevere as any good piece of art should.

Then there's the peloton pageantry. That's Ken Delo up front. He used to be on Tripower and Northend's teams in Virginia Beach before he moved to Chicago. That's the Evanston Grand Prix Pro 1-2 race which is part of the Superweek circuit.

Performing arts. This woman sang an uncommissioned version of the National Anthem as the instrumental played prior to Ken's race in Evanston. They ought to give her the mic next year, she was pretty good.

Beneath this awesome bridge is a 100-mile off road path that runs along the Illinois and Michigan Canal. Most of the path is remote and provides miles of uninterrupted training (away from stoplights). This starkly perpendicular interruption to the perfectly strait trail reminds me that there are intriguing options from the strait and narrow. See some of the other bridges here which is where I got the photo.


Jennifer said...

Hmm, I know some people don't like the I&M Canal Trail because it's limestone screenings. Are they just picky, or is that a real concern if you have really skinny tires? (Or does it not matter so much if you're training?)

In any case, I'm glad you liked the photos! It's a wonderful trail, and I wanted to give it its due.

Marco said...

You found Ken Delo??? Is he still as crazy as he was when he lived here?

Liz Schleeper said...

Marco, He was in a pro crit--doesn't that answer your question? :)

Jennifer, I actually took my mt bike on the I&M Trail. Road bike would have been fine, though the chance of punctures is higher. I could see where sliding out would be a concern on road bike also. Cyclocross bike would have been the perfect choice, but my cross bike is in VA.

Kevin said...

oh I remember Ken Delo! Tell him I said whats up!

Keep rockin Chi Town!

Anonymous said...

Man, what's up Kevin? You sucked back in the day and it looks like you still do. You still drinking too much beer and acting like an idiot?


Kevin said...

I don't think Ken would say those mean spirited things... I hope the real KD speaks up! In the mean time, I smell a "WEASEL"!

Anonymous said...

I remember that you use to act like you were a sprinter. ha ha ha. That was some funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

what ya mean used 2????