Wednesday, July 09, 2008

3rd Nipple?

Paolo has a write up from a 4th of July mountain bike ride we did starting at Palos, a trail system in Southwest Chicago. We were plagued with mechanicals and such, but it was so great to be back in the woods.

Guy took a serious handlebar jab to the chest and in the process I learned new terminology--the "3rd nipple." This phenomenon is well documented, ok in fiction mostly, and among entertainers. How can I just now be hearing about this?

Someone told a 3rd nipple James Bond joke that even Guy layed out on the ground laughed at, but I kept quiet knowing that I could look it up later.

Apparently the 3rd nipple was so vital to James Bond in "Man with the Golden Gun" that he had a prosthetic one. Are we serious people?! Let me hear that joke again because I still am not laughing!


Anonymous said...

Glad you could join us! Welcome again to Chicago.

The Bonebell will keep you posted on more rides when we get out. Parker and I are doing the July 19th WEMS race - he is doing the 3 hour and I'm doing the 6 hour (or we might do it duo).

If you want to duo up for a race - let us know!

Unknown said...

1. Every supervillain has one bizarre physical characteristic. Scaramanga is no exception.

2. Drivers in Dallas are not as highly evolved as those in Chicago, I suspect. I have almost been mowed down more times than I want to think about. These days I stick to the nice paved tow paths. A far cry from speeding down the mountain from Monticello back to UVA.

3. When I see "if you've got the problem, we've got the herb," I do not think of supplements.

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