Sunday, May 04, 2008

Food matters

(left, I do not recommend the Klean Kanteen for the bike but as a sippy cup for desk.)

The basics are sometimes the most complicated. I used to drink water religiously. The ever present water bottle, a glass with every meal, chaser for coffee and beer. Recently (well, for roughly the past 3 years) I have been in a state of perpetual dehydration. I’ve had no motivation to drink it outside of exercise.

I was riding with
Tom a couple of weeks ago, and he mentioned his recent Klean Kanteen purchase from Green Alternatives on Colonial Ave. It was then that I realized: I strongly dislike drinking from cycling water bottles. I do so when I ride of course, but I have avoided carrying water to work largely because I have only cycling bottle containers, and after 20+ years of cycling, I am sick of them. I immediately realized that if I got a water container that I like—easy on the eyes, stainless steel touch, cool to be seen with—then I would drink water again.

It was worth $27 to jump start my water drinking career. I opted out of the $13 container carrier because I figured that’s what my hands are for. I got the 40 oz version and have been finishing almost the whole bottle each day at work. I read a
review that suggested cyclists use the smaller versions that fit in bike cages to cut down on using so much plastic. However, I do not recommend this bottle for cycling. The squeeze effect in plastic gets water in faster and more efficiently. The Kanteen is perfect for desk drinking but not intense exercise.

In other nutritual matters, I don’t recommend the new Speical K with chocolate chunks. I know it sounds like the perfect cereal—slender waist combined with satisfying the early morning hankering for chocolate—but it just doesn’t work that way. I was suddenly eating Special K for every meal (and snacks) and of course I was mostly eating around the cereal and getting right at the chocolate chunks. It’s like having a box of Captain Crunch Berries in the house.


Rob Tripp said...

Liz, chocolate cereals rock, but there is nothing else like having a box of crunch berries... anywhere.

Anonymous said...

you must check out the camel back podium bottle.......

nPlusOne said...

Don't forget to check the numbers on the bottom on your water bottles. Some platic bottles have been proven to leach chemicals. None of my cycling bottles had the #7 but my favorite Naglene bottles did. Check out the article for more info:

Anonymous said...

I do in fact LOVE my "Klean Kanteen." There is never a funny taste and it's tough as nails- literally. Plus, I've broken several "unbreakable" nalgene bottles. My Klean Kanteen only dents, which I strongly believe adds to it's character and ambiance.