Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Views

I love the idea of being away from television and Internet on Superbowl weekend. It's not as if we don't still have linemen ready to take on the challenges of life. (Kevin and Blair)

I said to Jimmy as Sally crossed this wet log: "I guess it pays to have done gymnastics in school. Of course, Sally never did gymnastics. . . ."

Tim Starkey said, "Who knew Aunt Jemima was a white boy?"

Up to Reddish Knob.

Superview beats Superbowl every time.

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photos of the weekend.

Loops: Saturday, descended Love gap, climbed Big Levels switchbacks, descended Big Levels back to Sherando, back up Love gap.
Sunday: Reddish Knob loop from the community center. (Meadow descent)


Lindsay Hall-Stec said...

Looks like an awesome weekend; I'm even jealous of the scooting across the logs!

Anonymous said...

Best bike weekend in a long while....it's on for sure next year!


MRussell said...

It was great seeing all of ya'll in the Valley, wish I could've ridden/waded/scooted on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

good pics, 2 of my favorite all time ridezzzzzzz......