Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pride de Tidewater

Four of the best area junior racers showed up for a recent charity ride, Miles for Meredith, held on New Year's Day. Proceeds benefited Meredith Nicholls, the mountain biker who was injured in 2004.

Look for this photo of Young Mark Edwards and Elliot Craddock in Monday's Co-Pilot, the back page of the front section of Virginian Pilot. Both Edwards and Craddock are 16.

Upfront is Lucas Harville, 17 followed by Young Zack Kyler, 14. I asked Lucas where he planned to go to college and he said a possibility is Brevard College, a private college in NC mountains.

Zach made his debut in cycling by pyramiding and then moved on to road and cross racing.


JB said...

It's good seeing Lucas and Elliot out on the rides. Some strong young dudes.

I think Zack grew about a foot in the last 12 months

chris d said...
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chris d said...

Very cool to get that in the Pilot, Liz. Nice to see the juniors highlighted too. Elliot has a future in mountain biking too based on how he was riding Sunday.

Anonymous said...

thanx liz.....hopefully the exposure will help get more people on board next year????????