Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parties in Norfolk, VA

(left, The sun is setting fast on the Monday night Norfolk road ride from ECB. It's back to mountain and cross bikes for evening safety.)

Norfolk winter rides begin next week!

Major party on wheels.
Time: roll 6:00 pm, begins Sept 19
Place: Norfolk Conte's, 21st Street in Ghent
Required: Mountain or cross bike only. Knobbies, no slicks. Front lights and rear blinky. Experienced riders only. A pace.
Route: 40 min road ride through Ghent, downtown, Berkely, Ford suburbs, Indian River to Ipswitch trail in Chesapeake. 30 min singletrack ride on a route marked with reflectors. 40 min return to Conte's. Perfect 2 hour ride.

We need another ride leader to help. A fast singletracker who can lead the first group through Ipswitch as I lead the second group. Someone who can be there most every week.

Urban Assault through Norfolk neighborhoods: Larchmont, ODU, Meadowbrook, Navy Housing, Talbott Park, Riverfront, Colonial Place, Park Place, Ghent, Downtown, Berkley, West Ghent
Time: roll 6:00 pm, begins Sept 17
Place: East Coast Bikes in Ghent, Colley Ave.
Required: Mountain or cross bike only. Slicks are ok on 650 c wheels but stick with knobbies on 700 c wheels. Front lights and rear blinky. Experienced riders only. A pace.
Route: Wes has published a map of the route. 30 mile loop. There are no dirt sections, but we do cut onto sidewalks and bike paths in sections to connect the neighborhoods.

I don't think either one of us remember exactly how long we've been leading this Monday ride, or even how it all came about. I just remember being tired of driving to VB or Chesapeake for winter group rides and figured someone needed to get something going in this town. I think (?) we used to run it on Wednesdays, and I know that every year we forget the exact route we used the previous year. But it has been a standing winter ride for at least 5 years and it's great fun and training.

The Wednesday winter ride started in Sept 2006 when Wes wanted to get some dirt training in prior to Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge. It ran through March. Wes is not able to make Wednesdays this year, and I plan to run it through February assuming I can get some help in the singletrack when the group splits in two.

Another Note:
If you are new to pacelining or singletrack but still want to do these rides, it's best if you and I (just us two:) get together in the day time to practice. I am willing to meet with anyone who wants to learn some basics before getting into a nighttime group situation. Just email me and please pass this along to anyone interested.


Unknown said...

Hey Liz, I'll ride with y'all on Wednesday when I can. Can you post or send me that shot you took of me passed out over my plate of food after the Shenandoah 100?


Anonymous said...

Hey Liz,

Mark and I have a good loop marked out at Ipswich. See you on Wed.


Liz Schleeper said...

Jerry--great, that will be very helpful.

Wes, funny thing about that pic is that you are passed out w/ eyes wide open.

Kevin said...

Liz, Bender wants you to check his essay on his blog.
he's on my links>>>