Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mountain Monologues Part I

False flat must hide what the false altimeter doth know. It seems the more brutal the hill or mountain climb, the greater its power to make rider forget its true nature.

Sally sent me this picture to prove that there are real hills in Lancaster County, PA. I had told her and Carol that I had ridden all over that county and that I didn’t recall any real climbs. Ok, so I lied—but I really didn’t intend to, so that would not be a True Lie but a
Cyclist Lie. Luckily, they suspected that I lied and brought climbing gears anyway. Yet, they will learn that even as this image burns on this blog, the slope will get short circuited in the brain, and when the next person comes along asking about Lancaster County, they’ll say it was pretty much flat.

Anyway, congrats to Carol and Sally for representing in the Tour of Christiana. [Help me out here, Stephanie. Did we do hills there?]


Anonymous said...

"... They will say it was pretty much flat"? Yeah Liz, but I will also tell them to bring a 27 cassette just in case! Carol

Anonymous said...

yyeah, and there are no hills in fla.......