Monday, May 28, 2007

Go Where?

(right, Gilmer and Melissa cross over the 100 mile mark near RIA.)

There was no shortage of laughs during 3 days of “primitive” camping, but the ghost stories were awfully weak. So when Melissa suggested that she and Gilmer ride bikes home, I thought it was another attempt at telling a bad story. But no, she was serious. Ride bikes from Waynesboro to Virginia Beach. Gilmer said, “That’s 190 miles and we’d have to get through the tunnel.” So they bargained and decided on 150 miles to Williamsburg instead. As if it was nothing to pick up from camp, jump on bikes and head out for a little 150 mile ride. It was the best story I heard all weekend. They got it done though.

Day 1—road bikes. Coal Road down 664 toward Waynesboro. Left at 610. Left at 608. Left at 56 up Vesuvius climb to Parkway. Down to Montebello store for food. Back up to Parkway. Parkway to Afton (mile marker 1). Down Rt. 250 descent into Waynesboro. Back 624/ 664 to Coal Road. 75 miles.

Day 2—no bikes. Hiked a piece of the AT with Susan and Emory, then did a hike up Crabtree Falls. No one seemed to mind not riding.

Day 3—mountain bikes (Liz, Sally, Mike). Park at Sherando Lake. Take the Park Road to 664. Left onto 664 then left onto Coal Road. First entrance to Turkey Run trail head on left. Up the mountain, up the switchbacks. Left at top to Coal Road, bear right at fork. Left onto Parkway until Slacks Overlook lot. Pick up Slacks Trail to White Rock Gap Trail into backside of Sherando. 3 hours.

Day 3—road bikes (Gilmer, Melissa) Park at top of Afton. Descend Afton on 250 and take 250 all the way to Richmond. Pick up business 250 in the city. Once in Richmond, turn onto Route 60 east. Route 60 into Lightfoot. Afton to Richmond Airport (100). Airport to Lightfoot Wal-Mart (40). Total 140 miles.


Kevin said...

Thats Craziness!

T.Karnes said...

nice job guys and girls!

Marco said...

I agree, that is craziness!

MRussell said...

Wow what a crazy ride. Sounds fun...