Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pace or Race?

(left, BJ Samuel wins the Peter Teeuwen Achievement in Cycling award for the second year in a row. Photo by Bob Samuel.)

A newly coined term around here is “BJ Pace” which has become synonymous with an LSD winter ride. I see tremendous humor in BJ being associated with “steady” or “slow” or whatever you think the "S" in LSD represents, as if she is this even-keeled, monotonous rider who does not jump, take a flyer, etc. while in winter training. Com’on we are talking about the same person, aren’t we? She is the first to go and a darn hard wheel to hold!

Local cyclists have remembered Teeuwen's life on the annual January memorial ride for 15 years. He brought road bike racing to Hampton Roads from the Netherlands in the 1960's. He raced, trained cyclists and promoted over 300 races through the early 1990's. Just a few reasons for BJ's two Teeuwen awards:

2006 USA
Nationals Time Trial Bronze Women 55-59
2006 USA Nationals Criterium Silver Women 55-59
2006 Virginia Best All Around Champion Women Cat 1-3
2006 Virginia Omnium Champion Women 1-3
2005 Virginia Best All Around Champion Women Cat 4


Rob said...

BJ Rocks! I am a big fan.

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