Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dec-skip winter-July

(left, Iowa, people, Iowa. Photo source)

Sunday: Cyclo-cross season ended.

Monday: Planning for summer trips began.

Tuesday: Decision finalized with Steph. We are doing Ride Across Iowa July 22-28, 2007. That's 470 miles inside the heartbeat de Americana. Dar Williams’ song
Iowa has been swimming in my head all day.

Wednesday: YOU get on the
Ragbrai website and register under team name “Tripower.” Since final selections are made by lottery, all who want to ride together register as a team. No need to be a Tripower member. I just typed a convenient name.

Thursday till Dec 21: YOU send me, team leader, your waiver and $125 check written to Ragbrai. All the team entries must be mailed together.

Dec 21: I will send all waivers and checks.

Come on, this will be a blast. Ragbrai is the oldest cross-state tour and it’s way cheaper than the other ones I checked out. For $125 we ride for 70 miles a day for a week with 8000 others. Cycling, camping, microbrews, American pie. I emailed the organizer who said 99% of those who register get in, so don’t let the lottery selection stop you. Who is IN?!


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Liz Schleeper said...

You heard me, I-O-W-A, What?

Anonymous said...

this could take some serious pondification.............

Anonymous said...

Stop by the Rasmussen Bike Shop booth....we're the shop that PARTAY'S:)