Friday, November 24, 2006

Circle of what?

(right, Blueprint of circle of death planned for Trashmore Cross Sunday. Photo by JB.)

How is it that I had never heard of “circle of death” until like yesterday? This term is of the interdisciplinary sort, encompassing an old movie, a three-way tie, a drinking game, antithesis of circle of life, a Soviet air maneuver, a child’s bike game.

Circle of death in cyclocross I just learned is the concentric circles staged on flat sections of courses to test technical skills and to get you dizzy. I remember rolling through one at Ironcross prologue. I did wonder how it is that we moved toward the center of this no-exit maze and still managed to get out without intersecting lines. I knew the sense of the thing but knew not its name.

I will see up close how it’s designed this Sunday. Hosang is adding one to the Trashmore Cross course, scene of this year’s VA State Cross Championships.


Kevin said...

Spiral Baby! Spiral!

Liz Schleeper said...

yes, I still can't get the name right. Yet there are conflicting accounts: spiral of death, death spiral, death circle, . . . I even heard it called stupid circle today, imagine that.

Rob said...

I think it should have been called the kiddie corral to go along with the near by kids cove. Congrats, State Champ!