Monday, September 11, 2006

No way

How to descend on a fixed-gear mountain bike Photo ©: Bill McCarrick/

I have made it a point to personally congratulate those I know who finished Shenandoah 100. That race is mind and body numbing to say the least. Beneline, Gilmer, Starkey, Mary and Kev are superhuman.

But my brain is really having a hard time comprehending a few who finished the same race under extraordinary circumstances. There is a whole class of guys—riding FIXED gears—who finished. That’s right, some of the most technical dirt and rock descents in the country on fixed gears. Never mind getting up those evil climbs. I really would not have believed it possible until I saw in the results that 5 guys finished in this new category, all of them under 11:30. Who are these men?

Sue George wrote a race recap that posted on


2drunk2shift said...

Fixed gear Mountain bike? Two sub-culture bike things that make no sense. HEE HAAW

dicky said...
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dicky said...

Unh, I am one of those guys. I won the "class", but I would would refer to it as a "lack of class".
I wrote about it here: