Tuesday, August 08, 2006


What is your criteria for creating a good blog post?


gwadzilla said...

it is a blog not a glossy mag
I wish I had the time to preview and proof my stuff

but I lack the time

I think that quantity versus quality works for me

I type it up and spit it out
like these comments
I am of the cuff

sort of what I am like in person

not sure what I am saying until after it exits my mouth


I should not have said that

Unknown said...

I am but a simple man....I just let it flow:)

stupid said...

My posts have no criteria. What I think of I post. I hardly proof or spellcheck. I like shooting from the hip. Though there are times where I have to retract a post in afterthought. I am human and make mistakes.

Jason said...

I like it to have a sense of humor and TRY to stay focused on my racing since i use it as a place to write a loose training diary/personal journal and scrap book for myself If you did it fine. If not it's ok. It's mosly for me. Is that selfish?

I like it to reflect the kind of rider and racer I am. Way more passion for riding and racing than the talent to do it and win. You'll never see me make vicory predictions or talk about how strong I am. If I do, I like to add some humor so people know I'm in NO way THAT serious about myself. I like to say that I know my place in the racing world, SOMEONE has to finish in 10th place :)

Marc said...

I talk about my life, my wife, my dogs and my racing. I think pictures are important, as they help tell teh story. I started giving everyone nicknames, to protect the innocent, then that became part of the culture of my blog, people look for good nicknames. Be honest, be funny, talk about how you felt, that's kinda what I think about. I try to tell interesting stories, ones that would hook me in to read. I don't proof read enough.

Grizzly Adam said...

Good posts come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes I really put a lot of thought into a post. I do this because whatever I happened to be writing about is important to me, and I want to be clear about how I express myself. Other times I just keep things simple and candid.

A good post is one that makes me want to go out and ride. It will make me laugh, it will bring insight to an event, or the thoughts and feelings one went through during that event.

There are several guys who everyday post great stuff. I think everytime I read The Soiled Chamois (Jason M.) I laugh out loud. He writes with a down to earth style that reflects a lot of my own experience.

Photos are always great. As they say...A picture is worth a thousand words.

norcalcyclingnews.com said...

these questions are haaaard.

I suppose the posts I'm the happiest with are those that illicit a good amount of dialogue between commenters. I really enjoy sparking a good bit of online discussion with and between folks who stop by and drop lines. It gives the post life and vibrance.

Other than that ~ I dig it when posters toss out some creative wordery. I want the reader of the blog to giggle a bit when they see a couple words hip-joined together in a surprising but appropriate manner. I believe variety is exciting and interests folks to return to a blog. I think exploring cycling as metaphor for all the other experiences in our lives, from the mundane to the impactful, is useful and exciting. Work, child rearing, politics, intimacy, latte flavors ~ these are all elements of our disparate lives that can be joined and explored via this one thing we have in common - bikin'.

community, i suppose.

bye then,