Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rough stuff

Left, Pro sprinter Tina Pic went down after a clash with Laura Van Gilder at National Crit Championship this week. She was a'right. Source: Dave Schneider

Right top, Fatmarc takes the saddle sore to the next level during 18 Hours on the Farm mt bike race. Sorry could not resist. Source:
Bikes and Beer

Bottom right, Don't you just hate these people? Source:
Epic Riding

Not pictured, Stinging Nettles plant. How could I have never encountered these? Beneline and I both got stung while doing the Braley Pond mt bike loop Monday. Not knowing how long the sting would last (5ish minutes)was the hard part. We then drove on fire roads (I was way deer shy) to Wild something or another loop which was outstanding. I felt different on downhills, faster, for the first time really seeing through the trail not seeing it if you know what I mean.


Kevin said...

Thats worse than that damned dragon tattoo!!!

Liz Schleeper said...

OH, I disagree! Dragon was result of premeditation not circumstance. BIG difference!