Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I gotta ask. Do you spend more time on the bike or on the blog?


gwadzilla said...

I think I answered that someone else said that of me....

I can not ride my bike while my kids are in the tub
I can not ride my bike while I am doing busy work at work
I can not ride my bike as I am watching television


but that is not me

gwadzilla said...

I would have to put a stop watch on that to really know

much of blogging is part of a multitask

I am listening to music
I am drinking a drink
I am relaxking after a long day with the family

I did not ride today
so today
more blog than bike

not sure what the usual ratio is...

gwadzilla said...

sue george definitely bikes more than she blogs

Unknown said...

I try to ride everyday, a ride to work, to the store, around the neighborhood, a ride with me mates, you get it. I also try to blog everyday mostly about cycling but hunting season is coming up and the biking takes a hit in Oct. also the wife and I are expecting a wee one in Sept. so blogging will be......or not, just as riding and hunting:)

stupid said...

Hours to hours, I'd say I blog (read and post) more than bike. But it's because I blog while not busy at work. I can't bike at work. But I hardly blog on weekends and would rather ride than blog.

Kevin said...

You tell ME!!!

Buddy said...

The bike, yeah the Bike,

Jason said...

Hmmm. Tough one. I'd like to say riding, but the Blog has become a creative hobby for me. I'm a graphic artist by trade and pretty burned out on it after 15 year. Writing about my passion for bikes has replaced that creative void.

It also allows me to stay in touch with my riding and racing friends. They see what I'm up to. Why maybe I haven't called and I also see what they're up to. It's a great way to share information too.


Marc said...

without the bikes, the blog means nothing to mean. The bike come first. I used to check my blog roll everyday, that was a little obsessive, now it's every couple of days or so. The bike comes first.

StupidBike said...

More time biking

Grizzly Adam said...

Well, I don't keep a blog about my blogging :P

Sometimes the blog can take up a fair amount of time. But for me it is part of the racing/training experience. I would say I spend more time on the bike, but if I saw the actual numbers I would not be surprsied if they were more even than I think.

The bottom line is that the blog has become an extension of my biking. I have gotten to know a lot of great people through these blogs. I don't stress out if I don't post for a few days, and I doubt anyone out there reading it does either. Cycling is a great hobby and passion. I enjoy sharing it through my eyes with others. And I have REALLY enjoyed seeing it through the eyes of everyone else out there.

Cool project! I am excited to see your final thoughts.

Rob said...

More time on the bike... now. The most time I ever spent on the blog was during the blog war I had with Jimmy. I think that event turned some people off- what can I say, the devil finds work for idle hands.