Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Plans A, B, C

It’s astounding that it has never occurred to me. I’m thinking the way to evacuate the area in event of coming hurricane would be by bicycle. The auto evacuation options suggested by the state take me through the Downtown Tunnel. The state says to leave 24 to 14 hours before tropical force winds hit. Once everyone hits the road on the limited out-routes, there would be no movement. Often discussed scenario around here.

I considered that John peddled 375.8 miles in 24 hours in a recent race. Let’s say I cut 100 miles from that for vicious wind and other trauma. That would still put me in Blacksburg, VA by the time the tropical storms hit Hampton Roads.

Campostella or Berkley Bridge would get me to South Norfolk. Easy ride across Jordan Bridge from there (PA on map). If something goffey is going on there like the bridge stuck in the up position, it’s a 10 minute ride down Bainbridge Blvd. to Gilmerton Bridge (PB). If the powers there won’t let me cross since they think I’m nuts, I really give them a show and swim across the river with bike in tow (PC). From there, it’s Rt. 13/ 460 west with lots of back road options. There would be gridlock everywhere, and being a “move” among the “move nots,” I would need to prepare for being doored and such.


JB said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Next evacuation I'm riding over to your place and we're off to Blacksburg.

We might be a bit tired for the ride back.

Liz Schleeper said...

Look forward to it. Wait a minute, we DON'T want this to happen, right? Ride back--who said anything about coming back? Figured it would be a strong start to a cross country trip.

gwadzilla said...

I day dream about such things
it all bums me out....

for me it would be the burley trialer and the C&O Canal


I would not worry about a tropical storm


I think i would hang out for a little while

as the city is bumper to bumper traffic on a sunday
imagine an evacuation

the bike paths?

assholes in hummers would be clearing that path

gwadzilla said...

that SPOKES information

let me scare that up

sure you do not want to email me
not sure if I want that spokes account getting spammed on the net