Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cap Tech

(left, Andrea Dvorak of CRC sets the pace up Main Street in Richmond.)

I finally made it to Richmond to see the NRC Cap Tech Classic this year. I skated from work early Thursday and was in downtown Richmond eating and taste testing beer with the Wards and Carol by 5:30 pm.

Cap Tech is a crit course with a brutal climb up Main Street, a screaming downhill with 5 turns, then a brief flat section leading back to the climb. Ouch. The line up is simple: pro 1-3 women first, then pro 1-2 men in twilight.

Local women Dee Dee Winfield and Andrea Dvorak of Charlottesville Racing Club hung in there with the pros Colavita, Lipton, Diet Cheerwine, etc., and even did much of the pace making up the climb. This climb reminds me of the infamous Manayunk Wall in Philly--a bit less steep but probably longer.

In the 150-at-the-start men's invitational, Paul did an amazing job holding his own against the best in the country. John was paying better attention than I was so read his blog. Winners: Tina Pic and Davide Frattini, both Colavita. Bob Roll did live commentary for the crowd and Outdoor Life Network during both races.

Yep, I am getting old, because watching the big screen, staring at Bob Roll, walking the course, hanging out in the VIP tent, clocking the downhill speed all had a ton more appeal to me than the thought of attacking that hill every few minutes.

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