Thursday, April 06, 2006

Banner Background

The race banner is finally back on display on Waterside Drive in Norfolk, VA. It has been impossible to reserve space on this catwalk over the past few years. Pro photographer Jonathan Devich designed and made the banner while he was still an amateur photographer here in town. The first version had a Ford logo, this one has our title sponsor Conte's logo.

This 30'x 8' dinosaur has been rolled up and taking up all the space in my spare room floor for the past 5 years. The vinyl-on-vinyl design is an antiquity in the banner world. They lasar on logos and lettering these days, and when revisions are made, they just lasar over the old text or logos. This one requires peel-cut-paste method.

The racer image on the banner is that of Fast Freddie Rodriguez, 3- time USPRO road race champion. There he is on the left where (I think) he is winning the 2001 USPRO race in Philly. On the right, the image on our banner is from a photo taken during Freddie's 2000 win at the Philly race. He also won in 2004.

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