Saturday, January 28, 2006

Typical Week

Monday--Did Parker's spin class. Watched an inspirational video. Thought about pizza.

Tuesday--Don't even remember this day. Probably ate pizza.

Wednesday--Rode with Sally so early that the only thing I remember is her saying something about leaving me to move to VA Beach. Something about a good deal on a townhouse. All I could think is how this would mess up my early morning ride routine. Ate Cogan's pizza. Glad to have the half without artichokes.

Thursday--Spent considerable time in an email conversation about how fast (or not) winter rides should be. Went to a planning meeting for Conte's Classic, scheduled for April 9. Ate Red Dog Saloon pizza. Learned that "cheese pizza" is redundant.

Friday--Rode with Sally again, this time in wind chill that froze my hands and core. Saw a huge ice patch on Hampton Blvd but did nothing to avoid it. Fishtailed like crazy, somehow stayed upright, then felt like I had been jolted out of a complicated dream. Felt so grateful to not be on the ground, clipped into fixed gear rotation, that I congratulated Sally on her new home. Ate Dominio's pizza for lunch. Thought about how pepperoni is the same yesterday today and forever.

Saturday--Did nondescript 55 miles with the group. Ate plain pancakes.

Sunday--Practiced rotating paceline and hill repeats on training ride. Watched Carol's demo of team tactics in which magnetic checkers served as racers. Nice touch to stack checkers to indicate strong opponents. Made banana pancakes.


Captain Caveman said...

don't like pizza much do you?

you sound like a bachelorette (sp?) alright :P

Liz Schleeper said...

Hey, aren't you supposed to be in FL? Ride mt bike/ lights from ECB 6pm tomorrow (Monday) that I hope you can make so we can catch up.

Really, I have little affection for pizza but it keeps showing up.

JB said...

-That video ALWAYS makes me about a dozen times. Still love to watch it though. If we showed it before group rides would people stop runnin' red-lights? Prolly not.
-I thought the stacked checkers were people that gained weight in the off-season!?!?!


Hmmmm, I'm thinkin' about pizza.

Captain Caveman said...

yeah i was SPOSED to be in FL but alas it wasn't meant to be.

i havent been on the ECB ride in FOREVER! so i think ill try to make this coming monday 2/6.

so is it MY turn to tease YOU about busting shiznit on your bike? :P

yes it would be nice to catch up, once a year at steve's race isnt enough.

check out my session 77 when you're at the shop.

see you monday (i hope)