Thursday, October 06, 2005

The U4 and U4.5ers

(at left Paul has inquired into U4.5 status. Photo by Harlan Ward)

The U4 club is attempting their second under-4-hour flat century this weekend. The women have broken from the men in barbaric fashion and formed a U4.5 club so that we can enjoy a little oxygen for the day while attempting same ride in 4 hours 30 minutes. U4.5 was formed over at the women's coffee table. Despite U4 tyranny and glances from the men's table, we managed to organize ourselves by permitting only one person who held the cup to speak at a time. No matter that 2 cups started circulating. A couple of guys even migrated over and said they'd really like to join U4.5 instead. Robert glared over, eyeing the cup with intent to destroy our new found order.

We all hope to start before the masses so that we have clear roads and will stop only once at mile 60. The Robert Rule "we will wait for no one" will be in effect for U4.5ers also.

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