Saturday, September 10, 2005

Blogging VA Cyclists

Lots to blog about in these parts. Rob lives in Norfolk and is all into fixed gear bikes. He has rallied local fixed gear riders for a Sunday night ride, fixed gears only. I would never have been told about this ride apparently if I did not own a fixed gear because the idea is to keep all other bikes away. It is a bit of an extreme experience to ride fixed gear around a town unaccustomed to bike messengers, but it is even more extreme to imagine all these scattered souls on one ride. I am way too interested to not show.

Sue's new blog will no doubt chronicle her backcountry races. Sue lives in Charlottesville and just completed the Shenandoah 100 in 10 hours. That is an amazing time. She is the full time working woman who finished among the pros. Sue grew up racing on the T-town track. Went to Penn State and UVA where she did lots of regular mt bike races through school, always a podium finisher. She now does the long distance insanity, which is fine for someone who can actually finish those races before dark. Also, her work to centralize mt bike events on one website is appreciated by all.

John lives in Va Beach and has done lots of relay mountain bike events this year. BJ and Barb are always talking about him because they love the "way he writes." I have to laugh and ask, "but how does he ride?" and to them that just does not seem to matter. I have to admit his blog is way manicured. Those 24- and 12- and 18- hour relays he does are quite intense. Very hard to do without support to manage the bikes, food and clothes and to wake up the bodies. I miss those races. Need to get on one of John's teams.


JB said...

Those ARE relay MTB events, but being a glutton for punishment I've been doing them solo!
We should get a local team together for one!
What happened to everyone this AM? Somehow I got separated from the group(s) - left alone to flounder in the winds...
Check Nick's blog if you see this today. The link is on my blog. He's with the Trek/VW pro team doing a 24 hour MTB relay today and putting live updates up. They'll finish about 4PM our time


Liz Schleeper said...

What we did today was test your solo mettle by taking a different route without telling you. That wasn't the original plan, but once we realized winds were gusting 25+ mph, it seemed the perfect time to make you solo train. When you turned down Charity Neck, we snuck over to Muddy Creek Road. Those in front of you were paid to hold 28 to see if you could handle it. JM was planted to make you think all was normal. Notice when you went in for Gatorade JM disappeared. We picked him up and left. It was an intervention of sorts.

Anonymous said...


Were you the one in the road taking pictures of all those dead snakes? I think they were airborn from the Great Dismal Swamp.

I wonder how many riders are still out there in Pungo? I heard Jimmy was out there on his motorcycle and had a group drafting off of him all the way home.


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Anonymous said...

We are in Lynchburg, VA and we put together Check it out. Its cool to see so many bike blogs popping up in VA.