Sunday, August 07, 2005

Recycling the Classics

If bikes had been around in Twain’s day, Huck would ride a mountain bike and Tom a road bike. Huck would ride with Tom on the road occasionally but he would use only a fixed gear bike. Tom would ride on the trails with Huck occasionally but he would insist on proper planning rather than going by instincts found only by logging time in the woods. Becky, she’d go either way which would just make Tom mad, especially when she laughed when Huck would clear jumps on the trails no one else could do. Jim would use his navigation skills in adventure races where Aunt Polly would be head of his support crew. Huck’s dad would kick the habit and replace it with obsession with tri training and winning his age group.

I got to thinking about all that since Robert, Bill G and Susan B are driving to Colorado and Utah to mountain bike. They asked me to join them though they knew I would need to say no since I am due on a cruise ship the same week. I keep thinking of Huck all dressed up and civilized on a riverboat, can’t help it. I told them to think about me as they crossed the Mississippi.

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