Tuesday, April 19, 2005


This really is cycling related, just doesn't look like it.

Portrait of the Biker as a Young Dog OR
The Love Song of K. Alfred Doggie

The chronicles k-doglicious! It'll be a series. Hairy mongrels fighting to get in shape, while dealing with unfortunate mishaps at every coffee shop he visits. The name of the coffee shop is Stardogs, pre-req. for employment is you must have 80% body hair, and look like wolverine. Beautiful women everywhere, but only 1 really nasty one that is in love with him, and constantly gets in the way of his love affairs. more of the script to come. This hair studded creature is ripped like a wound from a head on collision. Tall, Dark & Hairy.

by: Crazy (Hosang), Writer, Director, Producer

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