Monday, March 21, 2005

Thoughts on Trial

Time Trialing. . . 13, 14, 15, sit down, settle in, stay tight, arms right, both all right, need to stay slower for now to build up build up. Remember that white house when ya come back, is this a hill a hill in Suffolk, not like the real Suffolk, not a hill but wind out, not back, not dead head, tilt right—focus, stop looking around stupid, you are slow and the one minute guy ahead is already past a minute, you’re slow, you’re slow, remember that blue house instead, where did they say that turn is, please tell me I won’t miss it like that time, that time, that time trial, that turn was not my fault I swear not my fault did anyone follow me aren’t there mile markers on this course, s--- my heart rate needs up, 79, 80, there is 86 this thing does not work, I can’t hold this, fo-focus, pavement, pavement, stay down. Cotton in March why is there cotton on branches in March, are they called branches, like that time that kid thought cotton comes from sheep, h--- that was funny, think funny, think of all of your love and all of your hate and put it into these pedals like the, why do I always remember that movie, that stupid movie, gimme me a song instead, gimme a song. I can’t feel my right heal and it has not been pushing down this whole time, hee-aal, hee-aal, count cadence, 1, 2, --10 times 10, 100 like that time I spun 100 and Sherrie passed all nice, shut up if you pass me, that disk sounded fast they always sound fast. Dog, get outta my way, everybody better have to waste time dealing with you like I just did.

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