Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tactics and Biscuits

The three women’s training rides we have had so far have been great. We worked on pacelining and cornering in all three rides and on the last 2 rides, worked on tactics. The next one scheduled in Williamsburg, we will focus on just climbing small hills and getting in base miles since the loop is nearly 60 miles. Even though it has been wonderfully warm the past 3 weeks, it appears by the time we do Sunday’s ride, temperatures will be back in the 40’s.

The TriPower women’s road team is shaping into Carol, BJ, Mandy, Sally and Janice. Susan will be in there with them assuming her knee injury continues to heal. Looks as if Laura, Kim and Cara are in for trying road racing also, though their concentration is on multisport events (tri’s and du’s) and time trials. I will do some road racing, but I will mix it up with cross bike, mountain bike, time trailing and cool tours. Julie, Robin, Katrina, Lisa and Courtney will be riding and maybe some competing.

Past couple of Mondays have been warm enough to drag out the mountain bikes for the urban assault rides from East Coast Bikes. Jennifer, Susan, Janice, Mandy, Kate, Bill, Josh and I took to the streets in 2 separate groups. We met back at Susan’s Ghent condo for hot chocolate (British visitor Janice had never tried marshmallows in hot chocolate) and cookies (or “biscuits” for Janice) and of course a visit with Susan’s great dane, Emory.

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