Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We got history

So, it's Superbowl again and time for Hampton Roads fair weathered flatlanders to take on the winter mountains with all the flair of cold weather inexperience we can muster.  Our annual winter Pilgrimage promises to be epic since there have been multiple snowfalls in Shenandoah mountains this year. We can only hope for seasonably warm summits like this one last year on Reddish Knob, but forecast is saying that's not likely. 

We have a history of getting lost before even finding the trailhead.
We have a history of getting stuck in the ice.

We have a history of losing a rider on the way up the mountain.  Search and Rescue crews found Donna (not pictured) at 1am in the woods, temps about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
I have been looking at Shenandoah blogs, and here is what the roads have looked like there for a month.  Chris Scott posted this picture and is currently cycling in Baja.  Why do you suppose he went to Baja to ride?
None of the locals' blogs or facebooks show themselves cycling.  They are all skiing, as shown in this photo on Sue Haywood's blog.  Mark Russell has been hiking through tunnels.  But no mountain biking.  I guess us Hampton Roads folks will have to show them how it's done.  

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