Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hands full

(below, Enhanced IC logo, stolen from Alisha Lion's blog and displayed here before Kevin gets ahold of it.)

I got to looking at the list of women registered for Iron Cross next weekend. None of those only-first-name-needed back country masters are registered yet. No Erin, Cara, Mandi, or Deidre.

So I googled those who are registered. Found out there is a Webcor/ Platimum pro road racer,
Alisha Lion, who also has a cool blog. Another racer and blogger, Alicia Parr, is an elite triathlete with a long ol’ list of top 3 finishes.

Another competitor, Eva G, won a 60-mile off road Paul’s Dirty Enduro in Ontario just last month. Equally scary is Jill W who was the 2005 Xterra Mid-Atlantic regional champ and who does Odyssey off-road tris on a regular basis. Looks as if Eva V does mostly on-road tris, the long ones of course. Then there is my own teammate Carol who keeps getting in secret cross miles behind my back. Shh--.

So it may need to just be Liz on Liz. I did 5:48 on a mt bike last year while in better climbing shape. However, I am using a cross bike this year, so that should compensate for slower climbing. I can subtract time for mental edge of knowing what is coming. So the goal is sub-5:40.

See some images from last year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz! Alisha L and I are looking forward to coming up and seeing the area. We drive up Friday. Can't wait to meet you!

Alicia P

Kevin said...

Liz, I took it!
Only cuz you said I would...

Kevin said...

Liz, awesome job today at the ironcross!!! You and Carol kicked ASS! I'm most proud and impressed
hot hands
red delicious
Oh, and we beat everybody home. 460 was the ticket. We rolled the dice, and it was nice!

Liz Schleeper said...

Don't forget weak arms. . .

And don't talk about that drive home.

Very fun, thanks for taking care of things, ya know. I am still trying to remember that lips bit.