Thursday, March 16, 2006

Publicity Rides

Publicity wears me out. A WVEC-TV reporter and cameraman contacted John to do a story about our team featuring our recent award. John dispatched them to the Monday ride, giving me exactly 3 hours to gather a group of personalities who I knew would do the talking. I still ended up on camera, though, didn’t say anything too dopey. Done. Well, now it’s the calendar. The nude calendar idea. Janice managed to get Wes the photographer all excited about it and he has sent me links, ideas, his “vision” for the thing. Janice is pushing for this to be done before she returns home to England in May. 12 slots and 60 team members—I am pretty sure I can get out of this one.

As for the TV feature, it was quite well done.
Brian Smith himself filmed from a car as we rode mountain bikes on Colley Ave. Of course the most colorful interview comments were cut from the broadcast. We were sure that Sally had said we were “socialists” (turned out to be “socialness”) and she named the Saturday ride “the testosterone ride” which raised our eyebrows, especially when she went on to say that the women have quite a bit of testosterone and win the Saturday “race” against the men. Very funny but not made for local TV.

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