Monday, September 06, 2004


What bikes make up your collection?


CTClink said...

Witcomb USA Custom Touring
Schwinn Paramount Tandem
Specialized Allez Epic
Schwinn Cimarron
Jamis Boss 6 Cruiser

ChrisWil said...

Cannondale R700, ultregra components needs cleaning
Trek 370, fixed to rollers
Trek 6000, phat tire

Hammer Tillubleed said...

LeMond Tete de Course Road Bike (Titanium Frame, Dura-Ace Gruppo, Rolf Sestriere Wheelset, Speedplay Pedals, Etc.);
Orbea Kilo MTB (Columbus Starship Frame, XTR, Fir Rims, Chris King Hubs, Thompson Seatpost and Stem, Speedplay Frogs, Etc.);
Schwinn Homegrown Factory Team MTB Frame (Yeti Built Frame, Chris King Headset).

lorilu said...

Specialized E5 Aqua & Sapone team issue (2)
Specialized Allez Pro
Specialized Allez Comp
Schwinn Homegrown Pro Mtn bikes (2)

bc said...

Canondale 401 (X2)
Cannondale 501
Trek 5200
Shimano fixed gear

jel said...

Trek 5200
Litespeed (Orion)

sbike said...

Raleigh Team w/ a bunch of carbon stuff
Ellsworth Truth
Specialized P1
Raleigh SC Comfort bike/Beach Cruiser Creation

velogirl said...

Trek 830
Trek Fuel 90
Santa Cruz Blur
Cannondale R400
Cannondale R2000
Santana Tandem

A Dub said...

Cannondale CAAD3 (various components, work in progress)
Caloi Comp (yes, the kind that Lance rode at Motorola)
Trek 400D (at least 20 years old, rusty, but rideable)
Nishiki (cro-mo, stem shifters, salvaged from a garbage pile)

fjs said...

Raleigh International (1972), all Campy components except for brakes
Scott Mountain Bike (Good Snow Bike)
Specialized Allez
Raleigh Technium

Snake Bite said...

LiteSpeed Owlhollow Mountain bike- XTR, Sid Race fork, Mavic Crossmax 2 wheel set.
Cannondale Ultegra CAAD 5 Road bike.
Marinoni Dura Ace Road Bike.

lv2ride said...

Specialized Hardrock Mt Bike
Trek 5200
Q Roo TT
Cannondale ?? created hill climber

crash_davis said...

Aegis Aro Svelte
Cannondale Caad 3
Fuji Track

The Pedaller said...

Trek 5500
Cannondale caad5
Specialized Rockhopper

Liz Schleeper said...


Liz Schleeper said...

Liz Schleeper said...


Liz Schleeper said...

another test

Arron said...

05 Specialized HardRock Sport. I just recently found my bikevoice. Later.

Anonymous said...

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